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About majuli

The biggest Island of the river of Brahmaputra is hurt of Assam.The Majuli is situated in between Brahmaputra river. this is the bigest island of the river in the world. Majuli had an area of approximately 1256 sq.KM, But it has been reducing due to soil erosion. Majuli is good learning center of neo-vaishnatite philosophi. there are 20-22 something vaishnava satras.The north of November is Rakh Purnima a dance performance festival based on lord krishna’s life showing in Majuli. This festival is very greatfull for majuli.there are a Local language of majuli is mising deori assamese etc.

The exiciting festival Bathow puja also is celibrate endĀ  of Autumn seasion. Majuli is the one the place where you getting variety of vegetable Items variety type of rice available and also there are more milk and fish. Majuli also famous forĀ  an artist who makes paper mask there are basically use for their cultural feast.

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