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Hello friends, welcome to my blog “” today I am writing for you some fantastic songs of Bollywood. These are year of 2016 and 2017. Friends, music is a part of the mind we have to haired music. When are you feeling tired, that time you hare a good songs you will reliefe quickly particular bad tendencies. Some Bollywood songs below

  1. Bulleya the film of sultan.
  2. Tere sang yaraa the film of rustam
  3. Bol do na Zara the film of Azahar.
  4. Ishq Mubarak the film of Tum bin 2
  5. Sab Tera the film of sab tera.
  6. Sanam re the film of sanamre.
  7. Toota jo kabhi tera. The film of flying Jet
  8. Socha na sake the film of Air left.

2017 of Bollywood hit song are:-

  1. Tamma Tamma again The film of Badri Nath ki dulhania.
  2. Zalima the film of Raies.
  3. Tum mere girlfriend the film of Ravta
  4. Kanha so ja the film of bahubali.
  5. Varish the film of Half girlfriend.
  6. Naina the film of Dangal.
  7. Bawarna man the film of Jolly LLB 2.
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