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Hraghar sapori:-  Horaghar Sapori is situated near bank of the river Brahmaputra.Most attractive Icon of soraghar sapori is AJAN PIR DORGAH. It is most beautiful making architect design.Many People are come to different distric to watch the AJAN PIR DORGAH. It is a big area.huge people are gathering and  enjoy on particular picnic time.It is aproximatly 30 kilomiter frome sivasagar to reach AJAN PIR DORGAH.

DISANG MUKH:—DISANG MUKH is the very popular picnic spot of shivasagar district.The great Brahmaputra river is situated very near. The best visit time is disangmukh is November to February month.For enjoyment there are more local homemade wine and stick tonduri  pork available on that time.

The great disangmukh festival has been celebrating from 5 or 6 years.This festival started first week of January.There are mostly villages of Missing tribes people are help to processing very hurtle to ahead festival.some great people inviting to this festival and give valuable speech for development our society,how to upgrade our city etc. At night arranged great finale of music.this festival is very interesting festival. I welcome you.

BOGIBIL:— Picnic spot of bogibil,near the bogibil bridge. It is very huge area of picnic spot. This place is situated in Dibrugarh District. It is very Easy to reach the particular picnic spot. And also road condition is very well.Particularly This locatin is very sefty for picnic party.

SORAIDEO:–First Soraideo is capital of Ahom kingdom.Actually this place is historical area. From shivasagar to soraideo aproximatly 35 to 40 kilomiter somthing.there are few tomb(moidam)there. For picnic parties watering condition is very good. There are suitable cultivation ground field behind the choraideo apartment.You can celebrate there also this spot is very refreshing


KOHORA:– Kohora is situated in mids point of Assam state, district of Golaghat. this site is most heritage. picnic place is situated  from National high way 2 or 3 kilometres  under. These site is not a big area but there are more things to see, like water falls, veriety colour of birds and domestics elephents. You can visit  also kajiranga national park. There are jeep sufari,elephant safari stations is very greened area.

NIMATI GHAT:–Nimati ghat is a very suitable picnic spot. A fresh air blowing from the Brahmaputra River. This spot is under the Jorhat district. From national highway37, to reach to  the Nimati ghat aproximatly 10 to 12 kilomiter. Basically Nimati Ghat is a ferry station communicating the world largest Island of the river Majuli.

Shivasagar Ranghar, Karenghar:–Shivasagar picnic place is historical place of Ahom kingdom. When you come to sivasagar , then you will come to direct talatal ghar. Many picnic parties are celebrating near talatal ghar.

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